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What are Class 5 Dangerous goods and why are they dangerous?

Class 5 dangerous goods are divided into two categories Oxidising agents and organic peroxides. The reason they are both put under the same class is because they both have the potential to create catastrophic damage to the environment and the people ...

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How to be SAFE around Class 6 Toxic Substances in the Workplace!

These class 6 dangerous goods are classified as toxic and infectious substances hazardous to the human body as they can enter through multiple ways. The most common ways that they are exposed to the human body is when include inhalation, skin ...

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Why do you need to store Dangerous Goods?

You may be asking yourself what Dangerous Goods are? and how do you classify it as a dangerous good? Or even asking do I have to store my dangerous goods if I only have a small amount? Well you have come to the right place for these questions to be ...

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Do you have the Right Equipment to Keep Fires at Bay?!

By Hi-Craft Safety Specialists on October 19, 2017

in Fire Safety

Did you know that there are many types of fire extinguishers? Have you ever wondered if you are going to be safe when a fire hazard presents itself? If these are some of the questions that you are asking yourself right now, then now is the time to ...

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AVOID A FINE! How are you storing your Flammable Liquids?

All flammable and combustible liquids need to be stored in an Australian Standard (AS) approved storage cabinet for safety purposes as outlined by the AS 1940-2004....

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How to keep mud & dirt at the office door with an Industrial Boot Cleaner

By Phil John on October 19, 2017

in Boot Cleaners

Are you constantly having to clean your office or reception area because of mud and dirt being tramped in by dirty boots?...

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