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2 Reasons why you need Bunded Pallets

By Hi-Craft Safety Specialists on February 02, 2018

in Bunded Pallets

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Do you ever wonder why you need Bunded Pallets? Do you think you will ever use them? Some businesses think that they don’t require bunded pallets because the liquid or substance that they are storing aren’t dangerous substances.

However, it is important to store your liquids and substances on bunded pallets. There are two main reasons why you would do so:

  1. It can vastly improve time required to clean up a spill because the spill is contained within a Bunded Pallet. In addition you won't normally need to use a  Spill Kit or other absorbent materials to manage the spill.
  2. Most importantly it will protect both the workers and the environment from being in contact with the liquids or substances that are stored within the drums or IBC Tanks. This will ensure that it won't contaminate the environment or cause harm to any employees.

How would I know which bunded pallet to purchase?

When it comes to bunded pallets, there are a few things that need to be considered. These things can include how many drums or IBC tanks you are looking at storing on these Bunded Pallets and what substance you are storing within the IBC Tanks or Drums.

The easiest way to find out the required size of a bunded pallet, is to look within your workplace for the biggest drum or IBC tank and work towards buying a bunded pallet with a sump big enough that can contain more than the largest drum or IBC tank in your workplace. This ensures that all liquids are contained within the bunded pallet when a spillage or leak occurs.

The substances that are contained in the IBC tanks or Drums are important in your choice as you will want to get a bunded pallet which can safely contain the liquid or substance without it leaking. An example of this is if you are storing acids within an IBC tank, then it would make sense to purchase a Bunded pallet made out of polyethylene to ensure that the acid is safely contained because if you use a metal bunded pallet, the acid can corrode metal which would create leakages.

Another thing to consider is where you are storing your bunded pallets. If you are storing it outdoors, you will need to find a bunded pallet with a lid or PVC cover to ensure that weather conditions don’t affect the integrity of the bunded pallet. For example, the bunded pallet will have trouble containing all the spill and leakages if the bunded pallet is filled with rainwater.

Hi-Craft Safety has a wide range of Bunded Pallets which can store most types of Hazardous and Dangerous Substances. We also have a massive selection of Personal Protective Equipment including Eye Protection, Gloves and Respiratory Protection. These are essential in keeping the workers safe when dealing with Hazardous and Dangerous Substances that may be stored in the IBC container and/or drums.

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