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4 Reasons to use Fire Retardant Workwear

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Fire Retardant Workwear is mainly worn by people that deal with combustible materials, fire fighters and electricians. Fire Retardant workwear is mainly used to protect against Flash Fires and Electric Arc Flashes.

As new technology gets developed and created, Fire Retardant clothing has become a new safety standard for workers who deal with electrical and fire hazards. However, some workplaces don’t understand the benefits of using Fire Retardant Workwear and what it does to help workers reduce fatal burns and injuries.

The main misconception of Fire Retardant Workwear, is that businesses believe that they are 100% fire resistant. However, this is not the case because Fire Retardant fabric only means that they reduce the chances of fatal burns and injuries by using fibres that are either fire retardant or have treated the fabric with a flame inhibitor by spraying the fabric or dipping it in a liquid that chemically interferes with the combustion process.

Keeping this in mind there are 4 main reasons why you should choose Fire Retardant Workwear for your workers:

  • Health and Safety of employees
  • Reinforce a safety culture
  • Reduced cost of injuries, lost time and accident claims
  • Compliance with the relevant law

Health and Safety of employees

As we have discussed earlier, fire retardant workwear isn't 100% fire resistant. However, it reduces the risk of fatal burns and injuries because of the materials are made to interfere with the combustion process which means that the materials of Flame Retardant workwear won't melt onto your skin like normal materials

This helps put employees mind at rest as they know they have a higher chance of survival if any ignition, explosion or electrical arc explosion occurs.

Reinforce a Safety Culture

The increase in team morale is a good reason to adopt Fire Retardant Workwear because employees feel valued as they can see that the business is actively looking out for the health and safety of their employees.

Reduced Cost of Injuries, Lost Time and Accident Claims

Speaking of costs, the reduction costs of injuries, lost time and accident claims will vastly benefit your business. If an accident occurs with your employees during their line of duty, you are required to spend time and money to ensure that all Work Cover procedures have been followed and it may become an extra cost for you as you will have a few less staff to work for you during their recovery.

Compliance with the Relevant Law

Contrary to popular belief, Fire Retardant workwear isn’t only for employees that deal with fire hazards. Under AS/NZS ISO 2801:2008, businesses are required to provide fire protective clothing whenever possible if they are exposed to fire and electrical hazards which have a potential to cause the employee harm.

Hi-Craft Safety has an extensive range of Fire Retardant Workwear which comply with AS/NZS ISO 2801:2008, AS4967-2006 and AS4824-2006 to ensure the safety of your business and the employees. We also have an extensive range of Personal Protective Equipment including Eye Protection, Gloves and Respiratory Protection which could assist in the health and safety of your employees when dealing with Fire and Electrical Hazards.

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