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4 Reasons to use Fire Retardant Workwear

Fire Retardant Workwear is mainly worn by people that deal with combustible materials, fire fighters and electricians. Fire Retardant workwear is mainly used to protect against Flash Fires and Electric Arc Flashes....

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2 Reasons why you need Bunded Pallets

By Hi-Craft Safety Specialists on February 02, 2018

in Bunded Pallets

Do you ever wonder why you need Bunded Pallets? Do you think you will ever use them? Some businesses think that they don’t require bunded pallets because the liquid or substance that they are storing aren’t dangerous substances....

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What you need to know about your Height Safety Harness!

When you are working at heights such as roofing, welding and construction it is a job with many risks because of the dangers involved, as there is no room for error. One wrong move and it may prove fatal as it is the last line of defense before ...

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What are Class 4 Flammable Solids and Why are they different?

Flammable Solids is classified by the Australian Dangerous Goods Code as, materials which are readily combustible or may cause or contribute to fire through friction. Class 4 dangerous goods can also include substances that can heat up or emit ...

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What Precautions Should I Take with Dangerous Gasses

By Hi-Craft Safety Specialists on November 30, 2017

in Gasses

Gasses are dangerous to humans as they can be flammable, toxic, corrosive and can even limit the amount of oxygen in the air. This form of dangerous goods is a class 2 dangerous good in the Dangerous Good Standard and is defined as a substance with ...

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Quick guide into the Storage and Handling of Explosive Goods!

By Hi-Craft Safety Specialists on November 29, 2017

in Explosives

Are you looking at storing and handling class 1 explosive goods? Do you know what is required of your business to store explosive goods? What happens when you don't follow the regulations?...

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Things to know about Dangerous Corrosive Goods

Corrosive substances are chemical substances that can chemically destroy body tissue, stone and metal. These dangerous goods need to be handled with care as they can affect the human body in multiple ways depending on where the corrosive substance ...

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What are Class 5 Dangerous goods and why are they dangerous?

Class 5 dangerous goods are divided into two categories Oxidising agents and organic peroxides. The reason they are both put under the same class is because they both have the potential to create catastrophic damage to the environment and the people ...

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How to be SAFE around Class 6 Toxic Substances in the Workplace!

These class 6 dangerous goods are classified as toxic and infectious substances hazardous to the human body as they can enter through multiple ways. The most common ways that they are exposed to the human body is when include inhalation, skin ...

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Why do you need to store Dangerous Goods?

You may be asking yourself what Dangerous Goods are? and how do you classify it as a dangerous good? Or even asking do I have to store my dangerous goods if I only have a small amount? Well you have come to the right place for these questions to be ...

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