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Quick guide into the Storage and Handling of Explosive Goods!

By Hi-Craft Safety Specialists on November 29, 2017

in Explosives

Are you looking at storing and handling class 1 explosive goods? Do you know what is required of your business to store explosive goods? What happens when you don't follow the regulations?

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Explosive goods are defined by the Australian Dangerous Goods Code as dangerous goods that can detonate or rapidly catch fire as a result of a chemical reaction. Some examples of Dangerous Goods are ammunition, dynamite, gun powder and fireworks.

Requirements for Handling and Storing of Dangerous Goods

For a business to handle dangerous goods they need three things:

  • Obtaining a security sensitive dangerous substance license
  • A person who has a security clearance to handle dangerous goods
  • A suitable storage area for explosive goods to be stored

To obtain a security sensitive dangerous substance license you will first need to be 18 years old, hold a security clearance, legitimate reason for application (application form) and have made adequate arrangements for the safely handling and storing these explosive substances.

The security clearance is a national check, where police and security agencies will check for any criminal history to ensure that you would be a suitable person to handle explosive goods. Once you receive your security clearance, you will need to supervise the nominated person (who also has a security clearance) to handle the explosive goods.

To ensure the safety of the workplace, you will need to have a suitable storage environment for explosive goods, such as the use of an Explosives Storage Cabinet which are well away from any ignition source.

Don't get a FINE for storing Explosive Goods!

Make sure you comply with all the conditions of handling and storing dangerous goods. Make sure you double check with your State to see if you need any additional licenses and if there are any additional regulations governing the handling and storage of explosive goods!

The fine that you will receive for non-compliance with the regulations is $250 per unit of dangerous explosive goods. All Explosive Goods Cabinets are required by the AS2187.1-1998 to have a wooden layer within the cabinet to ensure that the cabinet's steel layer doesn't shatter if an explosion occurs as the wooden layer would help absorb some of the impact.

Where do I get Explosive Storage Cabinets?

Explosive Storage Cabinets can be purchased from Hi-Craft Safety. We ensure that all our explosive storage cabinets are manufactured to meet with the requirements of AS2187.1-1998. Please click the button below to see our full range of Explosive Storage Cabinets.

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