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What are Class 4 Flammable Solids and Why are they different?

Flammable Solids is classified by the Australian Dangerous Goods Code as, materials which are readily combustible or may cause or contribute to fire through friction. Class 4 dangerous goods can also include substances that can heat up or emit flammable gasses when it is in contact with the air and water.

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Class 4 dangerous goods can be sub-divided into 3 sub-categories:

4.1. Flammable Solids

4.2. Substances liable to spontaneously combustion

4.3. Substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases

Flammable Liquids VS Flammable Solids

Most people, don't know the difference between class 4 and class 3 dangerous goods as they are both flammable substances. However, the storage and handling of these two flammable substances are different which means that they are required to be stored seperately from each other.

The reason that these two dangerous goods are made into a separate class of dangerous good is because of the different conditions required for ignition. While most people understand that heat is the main condition for a class 3 flammable liquid to ignite and become a hazard; it is vastly different in flammable solids because they have a few extra conditions which can cause ignition and combustion which are:

  • Friction
  • Self-reactive
  • Self-heating
  • Exposure to air
  • Exposure to water
  • Insufficiently diluted

These conditions are only applicable based on the flammable solid's different categories.

Safely Storing Flammable Solids

Flammable solids need to be stored securely in their own storage cabinets with the correct labels as these class 4 dangerous goods are highly reactive to the conditions that they are stored in. If you Store these flammable solids in the wrong conditions, it can become a hazard to the environment and people around it because each type of flammable solids have their own conditions of storing and usually can't be stored in the same area as Class 3 flammable Liquids or other Flammable Solids.

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