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What are Class 5 Dangerous goods and why are they dangerous?

Class 5 dangerous goods are divided into two categories Oxidising agents and organic peroxides. The reason they are both put under the same class is because they both have the potential to create catastrophic damage to the environment and the people in the immediate area due to their chemical reactions with other chemicals as these two substances generate oxygen (yield oxygen) when heated or has a high amount of carbon which could increase the chances of fires and combustion.

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Oxidising substances are class 5 dangerous goods which can be toxic or corrosive so safety precautions should be taken while handling them. They have a higher potential to be dangerous when stored because they are highly reactive substances that can cause explosions and combustion so they can't be stored anything flammable or combustible because they will increase the likelihood of an explosion or start fires due to the increase in the amount of oxygen that it creates.

How do I store Oxidising substances?

The following conditions need to be met to store these class 5 dangerous goods because of how highly reactive these substances are:

  • Well ventilated
  • Out of direct sunlight
  • Away from any heat source such as steam pipes and boilers
  • Between the temperatures that are listed on the oxidising substances label
  • Have fire safety equipment in place in case of fire
  • Spill containment equipment to ensure easy clean up of these highly reactive substances
  • Free of ignition sources such as open flames, hot surfaces and sparks produced from any tools
  • Appropriate warning signs to warn people of highly flammable materials
  • Store away from any escape routes in case of fire.

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